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If you have a WordPress website or webshop, it is very important that you keep it updated in terms of WordPress itself, but also the theme and plugins. Otherwise you risk your website either crashing or being hacked. And if it crashes or gets hacked, it is not certain that it can be restored without professional help. WordPress hacking in itself has become a growing problem and affects thousands of sites daily. Many website owners are not even aware that they have been hacked.

This is one of the reasons why a WordPress maintenance agreement is needed. With this, you ensure that your website is updated, monitored and maintained so that it works optimally and the risk of a crash or hacker attacks are reduced. The agreement contains everything you need to ensure the best possible protection of your site. If you do not like to make updates or do not know how to, then a maintenance service agreement is a real time saver and a great relief to be rid of.

This is included in the maintenance agreement

WordPress updates

WordPress core update to latest version. This secures your website best possible and reduces the risk of attacks, errors or crashes

Plugin updates

Plugin updates to be compatible with WordPress and each other. This improves performance and improves safety

Theme updates

Your site's theme or template requires regular updates that provide newer features and security fixes

Security monitoring

Security scans reduce the risk of hacking and malware. If there is malware, I will try to remove it immediately

Daily backup

I back up your site daily. If there is an error on the website or a hacker attack, I will try to restore it

Monthly report

Once a month, you will receive a report with, among other things, your site's uptime and general health

Maintenance pricing


Maintenance agreement
41 USD Pr. month
  • The price includes all services shown above.


Maintenance agreement
48 USD Pr. month
  • The price includes all services shown above + Woo Commerce.

Questions and answers

To avoid crashing and hacking of your website, it is essential to keep WordPress, theme and plugins up to date. If this is not done, then you run the risk of hackers finding shortcuts to your databases and infecting your website with viruses. If this happens, it can be very difficult and very expensive to remove virus completely. There are a lot of ‘bot’ virus attacks on websites every day, and many of the hacked websites are due to outdated plugins and themes.

You may cancel the maintenance Agreement in writing with 1 month’s notice to the first of a month of the period stated in the agreement.

No, but you can buy discount cards for, among other things, updating texts, images and changes in design. See prices and information here.

You can. However, it needs to be done regularly, and if something goes wrong with the updates (e.g. if your installed plugins are not compatible with each other after an update), it can ruin your website completely. I take daily backups of your website and can therefore restore the website if it goes completely wrong.

If your website crashes or gets hacked, then in most cases, I can restore your website after the lastest saved backup, which I take daily. Alternatively, the website has to be built from scratch.

I spend time on weekdays checking the security of your website and updating any themes and plugins. In addition, I have purchased services for backup and storage of all daily backups.

Yes I do. I always have my laptop with me when I’m on vacation. I set aside time every day to check security, backups, updates, etc.

If your site gets hacked or other errors on your website occur, I will try to correct the errors. The maintenance agreement reduces the risk of hacker attacks and other errors, but it is not a guarantee that an attack will not occur or that the website will crash. With backup of your website I will try to restore the lastest saved version. If a hacker attack is detected quickly and an error-free backup has been taken (without infected malware), the website can be restored. If there is no backup that is free of infection, a cleanup after a hacker attack can be costly. This is a special task that I can not handle. However, I can refer to a professional who can help.