A website is your store window to the outside world and is on display 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your website helps to promote your brand, attract customers and establish you as an expert in your field, and today it is more important than ever that it is credible and inviting. Over 80% of us search online before making a purchase or deciding to use someone else’s service. When a potential customer visits your site, a first impression of your business is formed within seconds. If your website lives up to today’s standard, this will have a positive impact on the customer. If your site is unattractive or looks outdated, your customer will immediately get a negative impression of your business and leave your website and you will miss out on a possible sale. When I build websites, I always place great emphasis on both the design and the usability of the site from the start. In addition to this, I make sure that what lies ‘behind the facade’ is optimized for, among other things, search engines and mobile friendliness.

What does a website cost?

The price varies a lot. Just like asking “what does a house cost?” the answer is quite complex. There are many factors to consider when evaluating the price of a website. And this is why I have to make an estimate for every request. I do not sell ready-made websites – I build tailor-made solutions to suit your needs. Things I most often look at when drafting a price are the total number of pages, the total number of unique page templates and what else you want of features, e.g. a blog, pop-ups, webshop, motion effects, booking module, social media integration etc.

An inviting and user-friendly website built according to best principles starts from USD 1,300 excl. VAT.

What does the price include?

The price always includes a well-crafted, user-friendly and attractive design, which I can vouch for myself and which you can be proud to show off. I will incorporate the best search engine principles and the site will be mobile friendly on all devices. It is 100% owned by you, and after installation, 3 months of support is included in the price, so you can slowly familiarize yourself with the site’s functions. I always design and build your website with your company’s brand and your goals in mind.

The site is built in WordPress and Elementor, and after launch you can edit and add content yourself. Elementor Pro must be purchased (a drag-and-drop plugin, which costs approx. USD 49 per year). This is not included in my price.

Do you need something completely different?

I create many different types of websites for different purposes. If you need a website that ‘just’ promotes your services and is your online business card, I can create a one page website, which is a single page built in several sections. The sections can be divided into e.g. about us, our products, prices, contact form, etc.

Do you need a digital home that is more than just a beautiful design and that contains several pages? Do you want smart features, motion effects, galleries, pop-ups, blog, social media integration, etc.? Let’s discuss your needs and let me help you create your dream website.

Professional website without binding

When it comes to building websites, you need to be careful with what type of business model you choose. Some designers and web agencies will develop a website very cheap and then require you to host your site through them. This involves an annual subscription, which can run up to USD 1,000 – 1,500. Additionally, you often have a long cancellation period.

My business model is different. If you pay to have a website built, designed specifically for your business and brand, then you should own it. Therefore, I also make sure that every service and plugin associated with your site is created and registered in your name. This applies for domain and web hosting to installed plugins and other tools. This way, you have no binding, and if at some point you want to engage with another web designer, then you do not have to chase me to get your login information or anything else. After all, it’s your site, not mine.

The design process

Website design is a comprehensive process that involves everything from the actual design to the implementation of search engine optimization, mobile friendliness, speed, various services and launch. Every website I build gets a shiny new and unique design that is based solely on your requirements. Images, text, and graphics are added, and eventually the design is fine-tuned until the site is complete and has exactly the look and function you want. It is very important right from the beginning of the process to focus on SEO optimization, mobile friendliness and speed. If a web designer does not do that, then you risk having to rebuild the entire website to incorporate this. We work closely together throughout the process and will go through the following steps:


Contact me

Tell me your thoughts for your new website, your preferred colors, fonts, image types etc . Fill out my contact form and we are on our way!



You will receive a link to a questionnaire, in which you elaborate on your thoughts for the website, design, target audience, etc.



I will contact you soon after I receive your answered questionnaire. We will go through your project and your thoughts for design, content and price.



If you decide to go ahead and book with me, I will prepare a style guide and a sitemap. This way we are on the same page.


Design process

I start developing and designing. The design process can take from 2-6 weeks, depending on the content and the amount of features you want.


First draft

When your site is ready for viewing, we meet online for a walk-through. You tell me what you like and want to have changed.



I listen to your thoughts and feedback and get these incorporated into the design, so you get exactly the website that you want.



Once you have approved the finished design, it will be installed on your chosen web hosting. You will also receive instructions for editing content.

Your own booking system?

With an integrated booking module on your website, you get a booking system that appears simple, elegant and easy to use for your customers. The system is built directly on your website and can be activated via a button, which can be placed anywhere and on several pages, so your customers can easily find it. The design is adapted to your websites brand, so that the entire booking experience feels professional and easy to use. Additionally, you save money on a monthly subscription, which it usually costs to have a booking system. The booking module is free to use after installation.

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