Social Media

Social Media

Benefits of social media

Easy dialogue
New target groups
Increased traffic
Increased sales

Social media is crucial to the growth of a business, and social media marketing can be one of the most effective ways to reach a new audience as well as keep in touch with people who already follow your business. One of the biggest reasons to be active on social media is the ability to create free ‘leads’ for your business. Many people use social media to find the products and services they are looking for, and by creating the right content for your postings and marketing themselves properly, you can reach new customers without having to spend money on a single ad. Your customers are on social media – are you?

Social media subscription

Keeping your social media up to date and publishing creative content continuously is very time consuming and many smaller businesses do not have time for this at all. If you want to leave your social media management to someone else but would like to avoid hiring a permanent employee for SoMe, then I can help you.

I can provide continuous content for your social media so that your online business can grow. I can help with strategy, postings, advertising and creation of the graphic content and texts. Whether you want me to take care of your social media 100% or just have posts/videos sent to you at regular intervals, which you then post on Facebook/Instagram yourself, is up to you – we will find a good solution together.

Price examples for subscription packages

The prices shown are per month and excl. VAT. For SoMe subscriptions, there will be a binding period of 3 months from the beginning of the agreement. The subscription can then be cancelled in writing with 1 month’s notice to the first of a month. Subscription is paid in advance no later than the 20th of the month before.

Package 1

1 platform
340 USD pr. month
  • Posts on Facebook or Instagram
  • Total of 2 posts pr. week
  • Contentplan
  • Design of content (text and images/video) that you approve
  • Statistics

Package 2

2 platforms
620 USD Pr. month
  • Posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • Total of 4 posts pr. week (2 posts on each platform)
  • Contentplan
  • Design of content (text and images/video) that you approve
  • Statistics

Package 3

2 platforms & Campaign
1100 USD Pr. month
  • Posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • Total of 6 posts pr. week (3 posts on each platform)
  • Contentplan
  • Design of content (text and images/video) that you approve
  • 1 analysis and SoMe Strategi
  • 1 campaign/ad pr. month (ex. campaign budget)
  • Statistics

Are these packages not for you?

No problem. The packages are just examples of how a subscription can be planned. Contact me for help with social media, Facebook advice, Instagram texts, etc., and we will find a package and a price that is right for you and your company.

Analysis and SoMe strategy

There is an old saying: ‘You can not reach your goals if you do not know where you are going’. This also applies to a large extent to advertising on social media. It is extremely important to know your strategic goals for advertising before your effort pays off. Perhaps your goals are to increase business revenue, improve site conversions, reach a new customer segment, or increase sales of a particular brand or service.

I can help you with a tailored social media strategy, which focuses on building and strengthening your company’s relationships on social media and which creates traffic to your content and website. I help companies that are new to social media and who are ready to set up profiles, but also companies that are already established but have problems with enough interaction.
Price for analysis and preparation of social media strategy is USD 250.

Makeover of your SoMe platforms

Is it time to move your social media presence up a notch? Let me renew your social media profiles by designing a new, eye-catching cover image and logo as well as story highlights tailored to your brand and audience. Whether you want to renew your online presence completely or just match your existing brand to your social media profiles, I can help!

Price for a makeover of Facebook and Instagram is USD 250.

Examples of graphic content

The content posted on social media should be inviting and visually captivating so that the user clicks on your post. I always keep up to date with the latest trends in, among other things, social media to get new ideas and inspiration.

Short videos

Things are moving fast on social media, and we as users have become more demanding in relation to what we spend time on. Therefore, messages on social media today should be short and preferably as short, catchy videos. Click the buttons below to see examples of short videos.




Mothers Day

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