• Creative webdesign

    Websites that impress

    Elegant, search engine optimized, mobile friendly and modern websites with no binding or extra costs

  • Increase your revenue

    Webshops that sell

    A professional and user-friendly layout invites your customers to stay on your site longer and is the first step to a sale

  • Connect

    Social media

    Your customers are on Facebook and Instagram. Are you? Let me help you with your social media and boost your sales

  • Get noticed

    graphic layout

    Creative graphic setup of i.a. magazines, posters, business cards, pamphlets and leaflets

  • Extra focus

    Pop-ups for your website

    Have an interactive pop-up that grabs attention designed for your website or webshop

  • Make it easy

    Booking module

    Make it easy for your customers to book an appointment with an integrated booking module on your website

Welcome to Sunshine Studio

I offer services for 
Social media
Graphic layout

I am a creative freelance designer who creates modern websites and webshops, graphic design and assist with social media management. I work with small and medium-sized businesses and enjoy creating digital content that is beautiful and appealing and that catches the attention of your visitors. I am particularly happy to work with – but not limited to – businesses within wellness, fashion, interior design, art, coaching, restaurants, cafes, etc.


I develop user-friendly websites and webshops that are mobile and keyword optimized. After launch, the site is 100% owned by you

Social media

I offer subscriptions for social media and continuously create content for your platforms so you can concentrate on your business

Graphic layout

I can help with professional design of newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, magazines, flyers, menus, price lists etc.


I am a start up business, so some of the sites below are demo pages with demo images and text. But the websites can easily function as ‘real’ websites. If you find a website design that you can use for your business, please contact me. The sites are made in Danish but can easily be translated to english.

Moderne hjemmesider

Mobile friendly web design

Today, it is incredibly important that your website is mobile friendly on all devices. Most people use their mobile phone or tablet every day to surf the web, and if your site is not mobile friendly, your visitors will quickly leave the website  and move on to the next search result. Websites built by me are always optimized for mobile friendliness on all sizes and devices.

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Contact me by filling out the form below and select the item or items for which you need help. You will hear from me soon