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extra services
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If you need extra features on your website or webshop, see below what I can help you with. I offer help with e-mail marketing, booking systems, online questionnaires, chat systems, social media and much more. With my many services, I can help your business improve sales and gain new customers. In addition to this, I develop and design websites and webshops.

If you need something that you do not see below, do not hesitate to contact me.

With a WordPress Maintenance Agreement, you do not have to speculate about updating themes and plugins, taking backups, security monitoring, etc. I do this for you so you can concentrate on your business with peace of mind. See prices for maintenance services here.

With a discount card, you can get help for your website or webshop at a cheaper hourly rate for e.g. design changes, updating texts and images, consulting, social media, etc. And where you usually pay per. started hour, you can with a discount card pay per. started 15 minutes. Read more about my discount cards and see pricing here.

If you need help integrating newsletters, Mailchimp is a great platform and a great resource. I can help you with setting up the system, collecting email addresses on your website, designing newsletters, etc.

Price for setup in Mailchimp – USD 110 inkl. one pop-up on your website.
Price for designing the newsletter depends on what you want – contact me for a price.

If you need an online questionnaire for your customers, I can help you with the setup and design of this. Among other things, I design your banner so that your questionnaire appears recognizable and professional. Price for setup and design – USD 110.

If you have a website with an integrated booking system, you can really offer your customers a service that makes it easy for them to book an appointment. Your business can accept reservations 24/7 and it gives you more time to focus on other tasks.
The booking system is integrated directly into your website and you do not have the monthly cost of an expensive, external booking system. The booking system can be used for businesses such as restaurants, massage, hairdressers, spas, doctors. ect. See an example of an online and integrated booking system here (click on the ‘book an appointment’ button). Read more about the booking module here.

Read more about graphic layout here.

I can help you with the installation and setup of a plugin for translating your website.

Integrating a chat system on your website is a really good investment. It gives your customers peace of mind that you are to get in touch with and there is a greater chance that they will complete a purchase.
Price for integration – USD 165.

The package includes the design and setup of a blog on your existing website. After setup, you can easily add posts yourself.
Price for setup and design – USD 205.
See an example of a blog here and here.

A megamenu is a drop-down menu with multi-level extensions that lets you pack your entire site’s navigation into a single menu. A megamenu allows visitors to reach even the deepest parts of a site through the main menu and can include videos, images, categories, products, google maps and much more. Price 160 USD.

Mega menu sunshine 2 Mega menu sunshine

If you need images on your website, I can help you find the right ones. I make sure the images are optimized and that the license is in place.
Price for searching and processing of 5 images – USD 40.

See descriptions and prices for social media here

Read more about interactive pop-ups for websites here.

Get your Instagram feed integrated directly onto your website. Price 67 USD