Discount cards

Discount cards
Pay only for the hours 
you need

Sunshine Studio offers WordPress discount cards that can be used for social media (eg compilation of postings) as well as smaller tasks and ad ‘hoc assistance for website maintenance. This includes design changes, updating texts and images, help with WordPress in general, consulting, etc.

The hourly rate when buying the discount card is cheaper than my normal hourly rate. And where you usually pay per. started hour, you can by using my discount card get help per. started 15 minutes. You can use a single clip for the quick adjustments on your website, or multiple clips to solve a task that takes a little longer. Since the cards are 15 minutes long pr. clip, you avoid paying too much.

Each time you make use of your clips, you will be sent a calculation of remaining clips.

Discount card pricing

My normal hourly rate is USD 110. The prices shown below are excl. VAT. Each clip has a time consumption per. started 15 minutes. Discount cards are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

6 clips

equivalent to 1½ hours
160 USD
  • App. 107 USD pr. hour

12 clips

equivalent to 3 hours
310 USD
  • App. 103 USD pr. hour

20 clips

equivalent to 5 hours
480 USD
  • App. 96 USD pr. hour

30 clips

equivalent to 7½ hours
615 USD
  • App. 82 USD pr. hour