Booking module

Booking module

Free up valuable time by automating the process of booking appointments online. And make it easy for your customers to book directly on your website. You get your own booking system integrated into your website, so your customers do not have to navigate around several different sites to book a simple appointment. Additionally, you save money on a monthly subscription, which it usually costs to have a booking system. The booking module is free to use after installation.

Who can use the module?

Anyone who needs a booking system on their website can make use of the module. This includes:

Directly built into your website

With an integrated booking module, you get a booking system that appears simple, elegant and easy-to-use for your customers. The module is built directly into your website and can be activated via a button, which can be placed anywhere and on several pages. The design is adapted to your website, so that the entire booking experience feels professional. See example of the booking module here and here.

Booking system
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No monthly subscription

When you buy the module, you only pay for design and installation. There are no recurring monthly subscriptions or additional charges of any kind.

Easy to edit

For you as a therapist etc., it is easy to edit or add information. You can add new therapists and new treatments as well as change prices, text and time intervals. A ‘buffer’ can be inserted before and after each treatment, and it is possible to accept online payment, so that the customer pays for treatments when booking.

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Price for the booking module

The price for the booking module as on this website (Click on the ‘book an appointment’ button in the upper right corner) is USD 350 for preparation, creation and installation – the price is without a website. It is a one time payment – no subscription of any kind. Colors and fonts are adapted to your company’s colors, and you can help decide the content. Contact me to find out more about options and price for your own, customized booking module.